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Software Guide

Everything you need to know about EGPR application.

Working View

The software supports two modes of work - live scan or open a recorded scan.

EGPR Application

From the main application view it can be chosen live scanning (by clicking on the "Scan" button) or reading of archived scan (by clicking on the archive file in the list). By clicking on snapshot file it will be opened in the same window and "Back" browser's button has to be used to go back to main application view.


EGPR Application

Live scanning and archive reading have the same functional view and control logic. Some of the buttons may have a few alternative functions.

Change the scan time window. It is radar dependent.

Record the current scan

Stop scanning or reading

Go back to list mode

Pause scanning or reading

Resume scanning or reading

Restart scanning or reading

Show/hide wave and amplitude curve settings

Apply filters (noise reduction)

Change current drawing palette

Take a snapshot of the current scan


Amplitude curve settings

EGPR Application

Digitally amplify or reduce the signal amplitude by zones. Up to 10 zones can be defined with different magnification coefficients. In addition changing the tension factor will convert the zones from lines to curves.

Add curve slider

Remove curve slider

Increase curve tension

Decrease curve tension

Go back to scan/reading mode

Show/hide curve control lines

Reset curve (discard changes to the amplitude of the wave)

Apply curve changes and return to scan/reading mode

Restore curve defaults

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