Old Easyrad GPR with ground simulation

Old EasyRad radar connected to the application controller of the regular demo (demo1) has a new changed use case scenario. The perpetual swinging gadget was moved to 1 m distance from the radar and the space between them was filled with books.

The paper and some ground kinds have similar electromagnetic velocities so it could be a good simulation. The depth measured as propagation time should be approximately 10-15 ns (1 m / 0.1 – 0.07 m/ns).

The perpetual swinging gadget was modified to a ring with size 200 x 5 mm. This small object will make a weak reflection and the radar signal could be hart to percept. To get better visibility the signal could be amplified and depth range could be reduced from 150 to 75 ns.

It should be taken into account that the Easyrad radar used in demo is really old and the new models are with better sensitivity. April 4, 2017

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