What is EGPR?

EGPR is Application Controller based on fast and powerful multi-core SoC with Linux based System Software and Web based Application Software for processing, storing and visualization of data produced by the GPR antenna.

What is delivered as EGPR?

EGPR package consists of Application Controller, Wi-Fi USB dongle and wall power adapter. Optionally it can also be purchased and delivered tablet, GPS USB dongle, USB Flash device, USB hub, USB to Ethernet adapter, fixture and one or more GPR Antenna(s) with UWB transmitter, receiver, digitalization hardware and cable each.

How does EGPR work?

After powering on and booting Application Controller is ready for usage. It can be done in 3 simple steps. Power on your tablet, laptop or smartphone and connect it to Wi-Fi Access Point named “egpr”. Double click on the Application Icon or visit “egpr” site in your favorite browser. Start using the system by exploring archives or start scanning.

How many users can connect and use EGPR?

There is no limit of the number of connected to EGPR users. The users can connect to EGPR via Wi-Fi AP or Ethernet LAN. The users can simultaneously watch archived files and current scan. Only one user can start and control the scan. The number of simultaneously working users is limited by the work intensities, the device and network performances.

Can EGPR Application Controller work without GPR Antenna?

Yes, it can work only with files saved on embedded SSD. GPR Antenna is required for scanning.

Do I need some software installed on my tablet, laptop or smartphone?

No, only Internet browser is required to run and use EGPR Application Software on any device with any Operating System. The only requirement is the browser to supporting latest Internet technologies like HTML 5, Web sockets and to utilize bugs free hardware acceleration of the device GPU.

What is the difference between solution with and without EGPR?

Almost nothing, like the new modern car and the old ancient one they both can work for you.

Will EGPR Application Software work with my tablet, laptop or smartphone?

Probably yes, but you can test it running the real EGPR client software from our web site (https://egpr.pro/en/demo//).

How I can test if EGPR Application Software will work on my tablet, laptop or smartphone?

The easiest way is to connect your device to Internet via your local ISP and visit the demo page on our web site (https://egpr.pro/en/demo/). Following one of the demo links your device will load and run the real EGPR client software. The only difference with the real situation will be that the EGPR Application Controller is at our place instead of yours.

Will EGPR Application work without Internet?

Yes, it is working without Internet in all normal use cases. The Internet will be useful if you need somebody from home or office to consult you while scanning on the field or while watching archives at other place worldwide.

How GPS is integrated?

While scanning the global coordinates calculated by GPS module can be written in the file or track headers of the archive. It will be you choice to activate and use this feature.

What is LPS?

LPS is Local Positioning System for localization of EGPR position in local coordinate system. It consists of central node and a number of beacons. Central node is mounted on and connected to the EGPR Application Controller. Beacons are pinned to the ground at the outermost positions. The number of beacons has to be at least three but more will help to have more precise localization. Calibration procedure is required before starting the scans. The local coordinates can be written in track headers of the archive files while scanning. The beginning GPS coordinates can also be written in the archive file header when start recording.

Can LPS be purchased and delivered afterwards?

Yes, LPS can be purchased and delivered at any time. There is easy procedure for its mounting and connecting to the Application Controller which is ready for LPS usage.

Can I customize EGPR Application Software?

Yes, EGPR Application Software is highly customizable. The easiest way is with choosing and loading of appropriate prepared in advance profile. Advanced users can use a special menu to set up any parameter and store them in profiles for later on usage. In addition it is possible to change some of the profile parameters on the fly just before scanning or watching. Profiles can be shared between EGPR users via our web site (https://egpr.pro/).

What kind of archives can be done?

Each scan can be archived in a file with SEG-Y format. Subsurface image can be archived as a snapshot in JPEG or PNG file formats. User created profiles will be stored in special file format. All archive files will be stored on the embedded SSD and copied on USB Flash disks or via network.

How EGPR can be purchased and paid?

On site shop form has to be used to purchase EGPR. Optional staff has to be specified at order time. You will receive preform invoice with the delivery details and the money to pay. Only bank transfer is currently accepted as payment method.

How long it takes to get my EGPR?

EGPR purchases are currently in preorder phase. The clients will be informed when the deliveries start on our web site and by e-mail. The deliveries are expected to begin in a few months. It will take a couple of weeks EGPR to be delivered on your address.

Can I return purchased and received EGPR?

Yes, EGPR bought can be returned in one month period without explanation at your expenses. After receiving the returned unit we will refund fully or partially paid money depending of its condition. For more information use our contact form (https://egpr.pro/en/contacts/).

What I can do if my EGPR stops working?

If your EGPR stops working we will replace it with new one. You have to pay only transportation expenses if the unit is in one year guarantee period. After that you have to pay additionally part of the unit price depending of its condition. For more information use our contact form (https://egpr.pro/en/contacts/).

Can I purchase more than one EGPR unit?

Yes, you can purchase as more EGPR units as you want. You should contact us via on site shop form and we will give you a special price depending on the ordered quantity. If the order is for big or long term quantities the payment and the delivery will be done on preconcerted batches.

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