EGPR - Easy Ground Penetrating Radar

Easy Ground Penetrating Radar (EGPR) is a flexible and modern solution for a wide range of use cases in the field on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems. It consists of special Application Controller (AC) with embedded powerful computer and software providing extremely fast and robust connectivity, easy radar control, effective data processing and storage features.
Application Controller is more than GPR control unit consisting of both Hardware and Software components. It is a portable and elegant data lab which is able to fit your hand, conference table or any GPR system on the field incorporating all the hardware and software staff required for easy and efficient fulfillment.
EGPR Hardware is a fast and powerful multi-core system (dual core CPU @ 1 GHz) with low power consumption (less than 2 W), big amount of memories (1 GB RAM, 4 GB eMMC and 120 or more GB SSD) and wide set of peripherals (Gigabit wired LAN, 802.11n wireless WiFi Access Point, 3 USB Hosts, optional 100 MB WAN and optional GPS). The hardware is equipped with 6600 mAh LiPo battery (enough to work more than 10 hours) and is packed in stylish and strong metal box been part of the perfect passive cooling system and safeguarding internal staff against harmful environment.
EGPR Software is distributed system with extremely low latency. It is functioning as a web application supported by both Application Controller (as Linux based Application Server) and any user device (as Web Client). The client software is able to run on any device (desktop computer, tablet, phablet, smart phone etc.) with any operating system (Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.) having any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE etc.). The server software is vendor independent and can be easily ported to other hardware or operating system. The system software is based on one of the best Linux distributions (Debian Jessie) and contains the latest Kernel and package staff.
EGPR product is flexible and open to be functionally broadened in both hardware and software directions to fit any challenges and future requirements. The most important expansion planned is to add support of more GPR antennas from different manufacturers and multiple antennas simultaneously. It is guaranteed by the usage of the latest contemporary computer technologies and professional implementation with a care on every detail.
EGPR service is comfortable and fast way every customer to ask for a new product development or functional expansion of an existing one including under own brand. It can be vouched by a highly motivated and flexible team of professionals experienced in both computer and GPR sciences, technologies and practices.
Every GPR user, owner, distributor or manufacturer can benefit by our EGPR products or services thanks to the high grade own and the best open source and open hardware related projects involved. The guaranty for that is a skillful combination of own expertise with the best worldwide knowledge and practices mastered in versatile development and production processes.

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